Where Have True Ladies Gone? A Letter To Christian Young Women

On September 6, 1620 the Mayflower set sail for the new world. An important decision had come to these departing families as to whether or not women should make the long and difficult voyage. In the end, eighteen married women joined their husbands and children in the dangerous journey; three of whom were in their last trimester of pregnancy. Seventy – eight percent of these women would die that first winter.

Why did they go? It is because they were real women, strong women, and God fearing women- ladies of virtue. They loved their husbands, children, and Creator more than their own lives and sought His will above what was comfortable or safe.  They made the journey so that while they may die, others might live and serve God Almighty without fear.

In our last letter to young men we used the verse:

“And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression.” 1 Timothy 2:4.

This is why we are writing to women as well, so we might guard our hearts from the devil’s darts at women, which have been well aimed and crippling to the church over the past century more than, we believe, any other time in history.

In our letter to men our goal was to encourage them to do right as well as share our hearts. Here we are teaching and giving instruction to the young women of our generation.

Our desire is to see great women like those of 1620 rise to the challenges of our generation. For this to happen, we must first block the cultural lies of today and look at the Bible with an open heart and a fresh perspective. We must say to ourselves “If I only had the Bible to live by, what would my life look like?”

I believe it would look very much like the Pilgrim women on the Mayflower in the sense that: they knew the times in which they had been born and picking up the torch they ran with it. Not independently or with their own agenda but by the power of the cross were they only able to accomplish anything. This is our prayer.




Dear Sisters in Christ,


As we can so often be deceived by every wind of doctrine our verse for you is this:


“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

You can accomplish much if you are following the Lord through the guidelines of his Word. Here are several things that our culture throws at us that we must guard ourselves against.

Guard yourself against Immodesty. While celebrities tell us to uncover ourselves, dress like a tramp, or draw attention to what should be private we must dress modestly and discreetly. The meaning of the word “modestly” comes from the Greek word “order” in reference to how God created the world orderly yet beautifully. I have heard it said that you can be modest and stylish and I would believe this to be true if modest meant “covered”. However it does not. Modestly means orderly, not drawing attention to yourself, with limits, and under control. This is applied differently to everyone, which we think is a wonderful display of personality. While not everyone will dress exactly the same, we must be ever so careful to not, “…turn our freedom into an opportunity for the flesh…” (Galatians 5:13)

 It is a shameful thing to show your body and we have lost that sense of remorse.  We are ambassadors of Christ! Are we dressing like we are daughters of the King, or daughter of the world? Guard yourself from finding your identity and worth in the way others look at you and think of you because of the way you dress.


Guard yourself against Bitterness. A woman can be very emotion and when she gets her feelings hurt, bitterness will choke the joy out of her heart. It can be very easy to feel bitter towards a girl who has betrayed you or a sister who speaks poorly of you. It can also be very easy to become bitter towards men. We often look to men for protection- someone to make us feel safe, loved, and wanted. When they do not provide that, our hearts tend to be filled with bitterness and mistrust. As a result of this, on one extreme, we try to prove that we are tougher and better then them, or on the other, we shrink away and never want anything to do with them again. Guard yourself from bitterness by not placing your trust in the approval of others, rather put your trust in God, because He will never disappoint you.


Guard yourself from a spirit of Independence and Rebellion. We were never, ever, ever, ever called to be independent. In our post to men we mentioned that the only two examples left for us in the Bible of women going out independently and alone were raped. We are to be covered and protected, and our sin nature resists that. It is no wonder that we have so many weak men- when they do try to provide protection and covering for us, we buck and chafe under it. We are called to be submissive and sometimes that means that area is where we’ll be tempted the most. We like to do things our way. We are told not to listen to our elders or authority and a spirit of independence and rebellion is seen as a good thing in nearly every book, every movie, and every woman’s heart in the USA today.


Guard yourself from Impurity. Calls of immorality are everywhere so much so you can hardly look at a person of the opposite gender without thinking sensual thoughts like “He’s cute, he’s hot, etc…” People today are defined by their sex life and it is hard for us to have proper relationships with other single men. Most Christian’s dive head first into the dating game and live as close to the line as possible. While others realize this is unbiblical and take the course of avoiding the opposite sex altogether. We greatly desire to see single men and women interact as brothers and sisters of purity in our churches. Guard yourself from looking at every boy as a prospect and learn to view him as someone else’s husband. Ask yourself if you would be jealous if you saw a girl treating your future husband like you are treating this young man.

Also remember there are wolves out in the world to devour you. Guard yourself against their flirtatious gestures and don’t give your heart to unworthy men.



Guard yourself from believing you know more than your parents. God gave you the parents he desired you to have. While I understand not all  girls have a godly father and mother, you are in His will if you submit to those He has placed as your covering.

Since we have been blessed with Christian parents we will speak mainly to that audience. Your parents deserve more than your respect, they deserve your admiration and allegiance. This isn’t just about learning to tolerate your parents, this is about learning to adore them. You should desire to be near them and learn from them. You should be proud to resemble them. They should be your best friends. This is not weird- this is normal. It is our culture that is backwards. Have you ever felt that desire to just have a special friend that you can go to for encouragement- someone that you can share your heart with? Your mother is the best person to meet that desire. Have you ever longed to have a someone tell you that he loves you and that you are beautiful; who disciples you and cares for you? Have you ever longed to be able to support him when he’s down or help him with a project? You are under your father’s roof to do just that. This is by no means to take your mother’s place. This is cultivating a beautiful father/ daughter relationship that is pleasing in God’s sight. This will only be possible after you lay aside the lies of today’s culture. Sadly, the norm for the average teenager today is for them to dislike being with their family. Honestly, most Christian girls that I know would much prefer being with their peers at school, church, or work instead of spending time at home. We tend to prefer the company of people who don’t annoy us or rub us the wrong way; who flatter us, and never challenge us to go outside of our comfort zone, or think deeper than what makes us feel good. It can be a wonderful thing for you to spend time with friends, but God has specifically designed your family for you to be rubbed just the right way, by the right people and right personalities, to make you a godlier woman.  We believe that you will never be able to reach your full potential if you spend most/all your time with those outside your family, and are never challenging yourself by learning to love each other.  Growing up spending the bulk of our days with our family, our parents told us often, “If you can get along with all of the people in your family, you will be able to get along with anyone.”


If a man says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who doesn’t love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?”1 John 4:20


Guard yourself from wishing you were, and acting like a man. This is one thing that will keep you from being a real woman forever. First, it is discontentment and trying to be something God didn’t create us to be and second, it is just plain sinful. It is strange to us that if we were to have a party and the theme was dress as the opposite gender, most Christian’s would be horrified if teen guys came with make – up, their nails painted, with girl jeans or skirts and bows in their hair. However, would we be so shocked if a girl showed up dressed like a guy? Probably not because we do it all the time.


 ‘A woman shall not wear a man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing: for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 22:5


You will never be a real woman if you’re stuck trying to act like a man. Men have roles that are so important and so valuable. So do we as women and how can we do what we are called to do when we’re trying to take their job away from them? Men and women are different because God made them that way for His glory. When we try to become like men we go against nature itself. God made men tough to work, provide, be emotionally sound, ready to fight and experience the difficulties of battle and labor. They are like a thermos. They can be thrown, beat upon, etc and might dent a little. We are like tea cups. He created us for a purpose too: to be diligent, pure, beautiful, sweet, and delicate- yet strong enough to fulfill our God given purpose. Yet many are not satisfied with this- they insist on competing with men in the work place, fighting alongside men in the military, and leading men in the Church. Many have begged to be treated like men- battered, thrown and bruised… and at the end of their life they wonder why they are broken.

Some women blame these problems on men. Is that so strange? Adam and Eve did a pretty good job pointing fingers when it came down to it. We can’t deny nor are we trying to deny the fact that women have been beaten, raped, forgotten, unprotected, and abused.

So how did we respond to that? Women turned away from their Pilgrim mothers and marched the streets demanding their rights.


“She is boisterous and rebellious; her feet do not remain at home. She is in the streets and in the squares and lurks at every corner.” Proverbs 7:11 -12


Women were degraded but they didn’t need a suffrage movement to stop it. They needed Jesus Christ for He is the only ONE who can solve our problems. He knew what it was like to be degraded, mistreated, beaten, tricked, betrayed, torn, abandoned, bruised, crushed, forgotten, cheated, and spat upon. He endured it all that we might be free from sin and if we have to endure any of that grief as women it is so small compared to what He endured for us. We didn’t need a suffrage movement where we stood on the hill tops to complain, nag, whine, and demand our rights. We needed to humble ourselves and be like Jesus. We needed- and still need a revival.


It is time for there to be real women again, true ladies of God. This decision isn’t one that our government will like. They hate real women. They hate the stay at home mother and the home full of children. Satan knows that is where we can best fight back. The evil forces will try to tear us down but we must be strong. This won’t be a popular trend or a cool thing to do in our world. It isn’t politically “correct” to never have an occupation or to dress modestly, or respect and submit to authority. But we will never win the battle until we begin to fight, and it starts in the bedrooms, living rooms, dinner tables, and kitchens of ordinary young women who dare to be different. Who like their pilgrim mothers choose godliness over personal gain. Guard your hearts and you will find true life in God’s will.

 We will end with this promise,


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”

Isaiah 40:31.


Your sisters in Christ,


Lydia and Naomi



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3 Responses to Where Have True Ladies Gone? A Letter To Christian Young Women

  1. Anna says:

    That’s really good Lydia and Naomi. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read our post Anna. You are such a blessing!
    In Christ,
    Lydia and Naomi

  3. L7 says:

    I find the life story of Queen Victoria to be very inspiring and a textbook example of a real lady.

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